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Fun Riddles For Kids

Fun Riddles For Kids

How smart are you? Answer these tricky riddles if you are smart enough! General knowledge and a little bit attention on the riddles will help you find the answers with ease! Twist your thoughts to answer these brain teasing riddles.

  • What is the similarity between your eyes and your school?
  • What is the similarity between a bottle and a human being?
  • What is a fish without an eye?
  • Who is the silent member of the parliament?
  • In which place are you silent?
  • You can enter but cannot live there. What is it?
  • What is common between a dog and a tree?
  • What is common between a tree and an elephant?
  • What is the similarity between needles and human beings?
  • What runs around the house, but does not move?
  • What can run, but cannot walk?
  • What did the baby corn ask the mama corn?
  • What is a worm that does not wriggle?
  • Where do fish deposit their money?
  • Why does the sea twinkle?
  • Where do cows have a party?
  • How do birds communicate?
  • I am there when you are quiet. I am broken when you speak. Who am I?
  • I am as big as you are, but I am weightless. Who am I?
  • I am clean when I am black. I am dirty when I am white. Who am I?
  • What is the similarity between a nose and an athlete?
  • What is a longest word in the English language?
  • If you share me, I am no more. Who am I?
  • What do you call a towel that has fallen in the sea?
  • What is the similarity between a tooth and a tree?
  • If you want to use me, you have to break me. Who am I?
  • Which insect is the best in games?
  • Why is there a halo in the water?
  • Which is the most precious fish?
  • What gets wet as it dries?


  • Both have pupils!
  • Both have necks!
  • FSH
  • I (The letter ‘I’ is not pronounced in ‘parliament’)
  • In the building (‘u’ is silent in pronouncing ‘building’.)
  • A computer keyboard (It has the ‘enter’ key.)
  • The bark
  • The trunk
  • Both have eyes!
  • The fence
  • Your nose!
  • Where is the popcorn?
  • A bookworm
  • On the river bank
  • It was full of starfish
  • At the ‘moo’vies!
  • On twitter
  • Silence
  • My shadow
  • A blackboard
  • Both ‘run’
  • SMILES (There is a ‘mile’ between the first and the last letters!)
  • A secret
  • A wet towel!
  • Both have roots!
  • An egg
  • A cricket of course!
  • There is an angelfish there!
  • The gold fish
  • A towel
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