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Challenging one’s knowledge has always been an interesting game to play. Is it such a wonder then, that Quiz has become so popular among all age groups? To have an edge over peers, it is necessary to keep oneself abreast with knowledge pertaining to people, places, things and events around us – of the past and the present and if possible, of the future (Of course, I was kidding).

We are sure you would want your little one to have that edge over the others. There are simply so many things, very interesting things, to know and learn about on this earth. Teaming this with the curious, fertile mind of your child – you have a very potent combination!

We have added this section to our website to achieve just that! It is an adventurous trip to the world of wonders, eminent personalities, monuments, geographical magic, historical imprints, science, sports and what not? We intend to poke and prod the curious side of your little one so as to develop that interest in him/ her to seek and seek further knowledge. We at KidsWorldFun are sure your child will never get bored with so many interesting things to know. It can be a preparation for your kid to crack that school quiz competition or the state or national level competitions, or maybe that first step to an international platform.

We plan to update this section with fresh sets of questions periodically so that we can continue holding the interest of the child. We are sure, as parents you would always want to nurture the curiosity and help the child grow and flourish as a tree of knowledge. To add to this, as you know, sharing knowledge only doubles it. So go ahead and let your child share the knowledge with kin and friends. Your child will be a hero among peers.

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

When was the first human heart transplant operation, which was performed by Dr. Christian Bernard on Louis Washkansky conducted?
a) 1943
b) 1988
c) 1967
d) 1963
Answer: 1967

Which is the religion for which the Fire temple is the place of worship?
a) Hinduism
b) Jainism
c) Zoroastrianism
d) Buddhism
Answer: Zoroastrianism

Where can Coral reefs be found in India?
a) The Malabar Coast
b) Rameshwaram 
c) Trivandrum
d) Mahabalipuram
Answer: Rameshwaram

The Golden Temple, Amritsar enjoys the privilege of being India’s
a) Oldest Gurdwara
b) Largest Gurdwara  
c) Smallest Gurdwara
d) None of the above
Answer: Largest Gurdwara

The United Nations Organization has its Headquarters at
New York, USA 
Washington DC
Answer: New York, USA

Objects at the surface of water can be viewed from a submarine under water by using this instrument.
a) Stethescope
b) Periscope
c) Kaleidoscope
d) Telescope
Answer: Periscope

Professor Amartya Sen received the Nobel Prize in this field.
a) Literature
b) Electronics
c) Economics 
d) Geology
Answer: Economics

Which of the following musical instruments is played by Amjad Ali Khan?
a) Veena
b) Tabla
c) Sarod 
d) Guitar
Answer: Sarod

Greta Garbo is associated with
a) Classical dance
b) Music
c) Acting
d) Literature
Answer: Acting

Dr. V. Kurien is famous in the field of _________.
a) Atomic power
b) Dairy development
c) Economic reforms
d) Poultry farms
Answer: Dairy development

Ms. Meera Sahib Fathima Beevi has the distinction of being the first lady
a) Prime minister of Pakisthan
b) Judge of the District Court
c) Chief Minister of a State
d) Judge of Supreme Court
Answer: Judge of Supreme Court

Who created the famous Rock Garden of Chandigarh?
a) Gaudi
b) Saarinen
c) Krishnarao Jaisim
d) Nek Chand
Answer: Nek Chand

The 'Lady with the Lamp' was the name given to?
a) Vijayalakshmi Pandit
b) Queen Elizabeth
c) Florence Nightingale
d) Princess Diana
Answer: Florence Nightingale

The biggest part of the brain is
a) Spinal cord
b) Cerebellum
c) Cerebrum
d) Brain Stem
Answer: Cerebrum

NASA’s most famous space telescope goes by the name?
a) Muble Satellite Telescope
b) Hubble Space Telescope
c) Humble Space Telescope
d) Galaxy Satellite Telescope
Answer: Hubble Space Telescope

At room temperature, which is the only metal that is in liquid form?
a) Iron
b) Aluminum
c) Mercury
d) Silver
Answer: Mercury

This scientist is well known for his theory of relativity. Who is he?
a) Thomas Alva Edison
b) Albert Einstein
c) Marconi
d) James Watt
Answer: Albert Einstein

A change of the DNA of an organism resulting in a new trait is known as a ________.
a) Mitosis
b) Meiosis
c) Mutation
d) Morphosis
Answer: Mutation

Which is the country which has the Great Barrier Reef?
a) London
b) Australia
c) Ireland
d) New Zealand
Answer: Australia

In which country are the cities Ankara and Istanbul located?
a) Afghanistan
b) Turkey
c) Pakisthan
d) Iraq
Answer: Turkey

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