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Welcome to general knowledge quiz for kids. These are very simple questions. Answer them, check how far you know these simple elements and improve your knowledge.

  • Which fictional dog has two sisters Belle and Molly?
    Answer: Snoopy in ‘Peanuts' 
  • Name the scientist whose death was unknown to the Nobel Prize authorities when they made the announcement for the medicine category.
    Answer: Dr. Ralph M. Steinman
  • On a normal computer keyboard with which number does * share a key?
    Answer: Eight
  • Which golfing great has dropped out of the top 50 in the world ranking for the first time in nearly 15 years?
    Answer: Tiger Woods 
  • Which word meaning ‘to become smaller' is also used for a psychiatrist?
    Answer: Shrink
  • In the context of Apple iPhones, what is Siri?
    Answer: Introduced in the new iPhone 4S, it is a talking personal assistant, which combines voice activation and artificial intelligence
  • What was the nationality of the great writer George Bernard Shaw?
    Answer: He was Irish
  • In the context of space science, how did Tiangong 1 make news?
    Answer: Launched on September 290, it is China's first inhabitable space laboratory module
  • On what material is the Mona Lisa painted?
    Answer: Poplar wood
  • Which major Spanish city staged its final bullfight recently?
    Answer: Barcelona 
  • What type of an animal is a Samoyed?
    Answer: Dog
  • Name the high-profile Man City player who was punished for not agreeing to come on as a sub in a Champions League match?
    Answer: Carlos Tevez
  • Where in the human body is the occiput?
    Answer: Head
  • Which marine adventure classic was first published on this date in 1851 under the title The Whale?
    Answer: 'Moby Dick' by Herman Melville 
  • Which Disney character made his debut as a bloodhound in the Mickey Mouse cartoon “The Chain Gang” in 1930?
    Answer: Pluto
  • Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakel Karman have won which Nobel Prize?
    Answer: Peace 
  • According to the saying, all roads lead to which European capital?
    Answer: Rome
  • American heiress Nancy Shevell recently married which Beatle?
    Answer: Paul McCartney 
  • ALMA, the world's most powerful astronomical device, has begun operating in a South American country. Name the country.
    Answer: Chile
  • Who has become the youngest Formula One driver to win the Drivers' Championship twice?
    Answer: Sebastian Vettel
  • Meaning tail, which four-lettered word describes closing measures of a piece of music?
    Answer: Coda
  • Which island country witnessed its worst environmental disaster because of an oil spill from MV Rena off the coast of Tauranga?
    Answer: New Zealand
  • Metis, Adrastea, Amalthea and Thebe are the inner moons of which planet?
    Answer: Jupiter
  • Jetsun Pema has become the Queen of which Asian kingdom following her marriage on October 13?
    Answer: Bhutan
  • How many tentacles would five normal squids have between them?
    Answer: 50

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