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Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets Preparation Steps

You’ve always watched puppets on television. Now, here’s your chance to create them! And you know what? Its simple as 1, 2, 3!

What you will need:

  • 1 Brightly colored felt, fabric, scraps, or paper
  • 2 Pieces of paper for designing your puppets
  • 3 Strong glue in a tube with a fine nozzle
  • 4 Scissors
  • 5 Poster paint

Draw your designs for puppets on paper before you make them. Look at pictures of animals or people to get some ideas, then simplify them. You may also use fairytale characters. Or if you like our pictures, use them! Once you’ve drawn out the design, it is called a ‘template’.

Lay the template on a piece of felt and draw around it twice. Draw the puppet features on other pieces of felt. Cut out the body pieces.

Spread a fine line of glue around the curved edge of on piece of the body, leaving the bottom edge free. Press the two body pieces together.

Now carefully cut out the puppet’s features that you drew on the other pieces of felt. Remember to cut out two arms, two legs, etc.

Arrange the cut out features on the body to see how they look. If any part doesn’t look quite right, try making another version of it.

First glue the legs and arms (or wings and paws) to the back of the body. Then glue the rest of the animal’s features on to the front.

Make the puppets look as though they are talking by moving your fingers.

Now you have your own troupe of adorable puppets!!!

Time to call your friends for a PUPPET SHOW!!

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