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Learn English Vocabulary

Learn English Vocabulary

For effective communication, a rich and varied repertoire of vocabulary is an absolute necessity. Improving your vocabulary benefits you in many ways. You will be able to speak and write more clearly, to engage in intelligent conversation, and make listeners understand what exactly you are trying to convey. It gives precision to your communication, and opens your mind to new ideas. It is nearly impossible to become a good communicator without good vocabulary. In the case of youngsters who would like to work in the fields of journalism or mass communication, a varied repertoire of vocabulary becomes a great asset.

‘Vocabulary’ refers to the set of words that a person knows within a language. Mastering vocabulary in a foreign language is often very challenging for a second language learner. Even if a person has English as his/her mother tongue, it is not easy to acquire expertise in vocabulary. It requires conscious effort and regular practice.

Acquiring the knowledge of new words is a lifelong process. It is not just in school or the university that we learn words. New words bombard us every day, from the pages of the daily newspaper, from a magazine article, or while listening to the news.

The key skill in vocabulary learning is inferring the meaning of the word from the context in which it is spoken or written. Many people encounter new words and almost instantaneously learn them from the context. Obviously, the more you read and the more you listen, the more words you are likely to encounter and to know. This underscores the importance of reading and listening in vocabulary building.

Your vocabulary is usually of two types: passive and active vocabulary. Passive vocabulary is the set of words you know, but you hardly use in day-to-day life. Active vocabulary refers to the set of words that you use very often.

Vocabulary learning is fun, if it is done in an authentic way. Rote learning of meanings, and memorising word meanings without understanding their usage do not serve any purpose.

Here are worksheets categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of English proficiency. These worksheets give you new words in real life contexts. You can choose the level that is most suited to you, and also the worksheet that answers your needs the most. These worksheets give you games, activities and exercises that will help you on your way to mastering a wide range of English vocabulary.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced

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