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Welcome to vocabulary acquisition through fun games, activities and exercises. These are worksheets and activities that are designed to introduce new words to learners at an intermediate level of English proficiency.

By ‘intermediate’ level learners, we mean learners who are not new to the language, but have not become a very fluent user yet. In many schools, intermediate level often refers to the years 5 to 7. However, ‘intermediate’ level does not refer to any particular age. An 8 year old child may be an intermediate learner. In the same way, a 30 year old could be one also.

Why is vocabulary learning important? You will be able to speak and write English effectively only if you can express yourself using the right words at the right time. Indeed, speaking or writing is about using the right word at the right time in the right way! Great writers and speakers have a very good command over vocabulary. However, even for people in other careers and walks of life, knowing a considerable number of words and how they are used in contexts is a great asset. Even in daily conversation with friends or relatives, a good command over vocabulary is a strength.

How do we learn new words? New words are best learnt in real life contexts, which means that the learner has to be exposed to new words in writing or in speaking. For this, good reading and listening skills are necessary. A person who reads a large number of books, and listens to a rich variety of spoken English either on Television or movies, has a chance to encounter new words and internalise them. However, good readers and listeners may not gain knowledge of vocabulary if they do not use the words they learn, in their daily life. In other words, words that we encounter in reading and listening often get added to our ‘passive vocabulary’. ‘Passive vocabulary’ refers to the collection of words we know, but do not use often. The challenge is to convert the passive vocabulary to active vocabulary, which is the set of words we use very often.

The worksheets given here are meant for learners at an intermediate level of English proficiency. They help you learn new words in as authentic ways as possible. These worksheets help you learn new words in context, through interesting games and activities. Furthermore, they are absolutely free, and printable.

Worksheet-1 : Vocabulary Building Games

Worksheet-2 : Context-based Vocabulary Building Exercises

Worksheet-3 : Vocabulary Exercises

Worksheet-4 : Vocabulary Exercises

Worksheet-5 : Vocabulary Exercises

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