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This course has been designed for the very young learners of the English language – the Kindergarten goers. Children will love this because there are many friends who keep them busy with the lessons and teach them the basics of the language without letting them get bored. Blob, the alien, Polly the parrot, Lexis the magician and his assistant Photon, Teddy, the bear and many others make learning, an exciting affair. The course begins with teaching the child to settle in front of a computer with the right posture to start with. It goes on to guide the child to use the keyboard, and the mouse. Enough practice is given through exercises for the child to handle the functions of the mouse. In addition to learning letters in a fun way, the child also learns to coordinate his/ her tiny hands to wield the mouse. The animation is very lively and interesting. The American accent of the voice-over is something that will help the child learn the language without the influence of his/ her mother tongue. It can help the child learn the right pronunciation of words right from the age of learning the alphabets. Learning the letters along with Blob is a fun-filled experience and your child will definitely ask for more. The website succeeds in keeping the attention of the child glued to it by the visual treat it presents.

The alphabet stream is a fun idea to let the child play while learning. It gives ample practice by dragging and dropping the alphabets using the mouse. This helps improve the motor skills of the child too. The child gets a structured learning tool through this animation. Instructions are clear cut, with the cursor pointing to the item being spoken about.  The voice-over is young and lively which makes it easy for your child to connect with and feel comfortable. As you would agree, children are comfortable with, and communicate easily with other children than with adults.  The animation arouses curiosity in the child.

The child is introduced to vowels and consonants, with a clear distinction between long and short vowel sounds. In the section ‘Welcome to the Fair’ the child is given the task of finishing the story or stating the author’s purpose. This helps the child develop imagination and also evokes curiosity in him/ her. Puzzles like picking a word from a bunch of bananas to add and make a different word on the T-shirt of Ginger, the monkey in the jungle is fun, and at the same time sets the thinking train moving in the young minds.

Another interesting part of the language learning for the Kindergarten kids is the introduction of printed books. A clear understanding of the front, back covers and the spine of the book is given. A page-by-page reading lesson has been included as the first step to inculcate the reading habit in your child.

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