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Grade 1 English Educational Videos For Kids

Language Arts - Grade 1

Language is the art of life that helps us communicate with fellow human beings. English being the universal language has become part and parcel of our day-to-day life and hence, teaching our children to use the language in the right way has become imperative. Language Arts makes teaching English to your little one, a breeze. With help from these graded lessons it makes it very easy to teach your little one the language, and the most correct way. The simple techniques that have been used are very efficient in teaching the child the right usage of language.  Magician Lexis and his assistant Grizzle make a fun pair that teaches your Grade K – 1 child, the synonyms and antonyms in a real fun way. Children are made to do sufficient exercises to understand the difference between synonyms and antonyms. The voice-over is extremely child-friendly and attractive. It is sure to keep your child glued to the computer monitor. The child’s attention is kept alive with the colours on screen, the sound and the animation. You child will never be bored learning language, anymore.  Language Arts not only makes learning lively, it also ensures that the content given to the child is apt and to the required level. It does not over burden the child at any point of time.

‘Welcome to the fair’ is another section in the graded lessons. Here the child is lead to a fair. In the most interesting way the child is encouraged to finish a story, a very tiny one of course, or even state the author’s purpose. Don’t you think this is a wonderful way to boost the imagination of the child? The child is given hints on which he/ she can build and complete the story. At school the child is in a different environment altogether, where he/ she learns with other children. But here at Language Arts, the child gets individual attention and you as a parent can use this opportunity to bond with the child and enjoy the teaching-learning experience.

Another interesting session is teaching your little one ‘Nouns’. The innovative method used – the Noun Mountain – can be an all new and exciting way to learn the difference between Proper and Common Nouns. I am sure your child, and of course you, will enjoy skiing down the Noun Mountain, collecting accessories with right answers. The bonus is to get to decorate the snow man at the end of your skiing expedition. And hey! Your child has learned the difference between the nouns by the end of the ride too. Fasten you sky gear and get going! The ride is going to be joyous, you bet!

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