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Learning English was never so easy and interesting at the same time. The session for grade 2 has been divided into six parts. It includes writing strategies, story sequencing, prefixes and suffixes, figurative language, sentences and punctuation and reading comprehension. With the use of interesting animation and narration these lessons lead your child through the wonderful world of the written word. The best thing to do would to be to start with reading comprehension, move on to sentences and punctuations, then to figurative language, followed by prefixes and suffixes, writing strategies and to end with story sequencing so that your child learns the ropes in the correct order and sequence.

Reading comprehension literally gets the child to read from the book shelf. The virtual bookshelf has three books to choose from.  When you choose the book you are able to turn the pages of the virtual book just like you would open the pages of a real book. The attractive pictures in the books are a visual treat for the child’s eyes. The language has been kept simple and hence comprehending the content will be easy for your child. The child’s confidence to read and understand is boosted. You can read it aloud for the child or let the child read it aloud for you. This can help the child improve his/ her diction. The lesson also contains simple questions, the answers for which can be chosen from the options given. This gives you an idea as to how well your child has comprehended what he/ she has read. There is no better way of initiating your child into the reading habit than reading with him/her.

The sentences and punctuation section gives a quick overview into the four types of sentences. It gives a clear understanding of the same in a very simple way. The session is presented in a very interesting animated conversation by Dusty, the chalk. His friend, Swipe assists him in the process. In the session on figurative language the child can learn about similes, metaphors and hyperboles. In the process the child learns to play with words. The child enjoys the usage of different forms of the language to make it more beautiful. This will definitely go a long way in making your little angel master the art of creative writing.

The session on Prefixes and Suffixes the child is taught the easy way to learn them and and identify them and also use them correctly. Pinky, the mouse and Ela, the elephant, make the journey through prefixes and suffixes worth your child’s every second. Your child will learn how and when to use them through a fun-filled experience. In writing strategies, your child learns to write by logical sequence. It has been made peppy by combining the writing activity with packing for a trip.

In story sequencing, the child gets introduced to fables. The child learns how a story progresses from logic to logic. Since the stories give a moral in the end it is also an important tool to teach your child good morals.

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