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Teaching a child Grammar has been considered a really tough prospect by most parents. But with the help of Language Arts lessons it becomes an easy job. In addition to classroom lessons in Grammar, the child is able to learn and practice the usage of Grammar. In the lesson on Capitalization the child learns how and when to capitalize letters. Isn’t that a great start?

The lessons go on to teach Regular and Irregular verbs in a fun way. The child will definitely enjoy learning Grammar, which otherwise can be dull and tedious. Ample exercises give practice to the child to master it. In the section on Adverbs, the lesson gives a clear understanding of the different types of Adverbs and also helps the child in identifying the correct ones to be used. The words of encouragement given by the voice over when the child gives the right answer makes it more interesting for the child to continue learning further.

Prepositions can be confusing for first time learners. But with these lessons to help it is a smooth process. In the practice lessons all you have to do is to drag the preposition that you think fits in the best and drop it in the gap between the sentences. And you are done! There are lessons to teach your little one the usage of Conjunctions.

The child is taught to identify the Root Words through these lessons too, which helps your child understand that new words can be made by adding suffixes and prefixes to the root words. Now, talking about suffixes and prefixes, the lesson doles out a very interesting game for your child. Yes! The child has to match boxes of words with the right suffix/ prefix by just clicking on them. He/ she is sure to enjoy doing this.

The child is also introduced to the usage of Parentheses, quotation marks, apostrophes, underlines and italics. Based on the learning the child is encouraged to edit the News Paper for Editor Bob which is an exercise that will set your child thinking and also applying what was learnt.

The section on Synonyms and Antonyms the child learns the difference between the two and also learns to use words to substitute with words that mean the same or mean the opposite of the word. This is done in a really enjoyable way through the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

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