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Grade 4 English Learning Fun Videos For Kids

Language Arts - Grade 4

This section for Grade 4 consists of five main sections. I must say, each one is a gem by itself. Your child, I am sure will thoroughly enjoy going through them as well as doing the exercises that follow. The first section which deals with the main idea for a story takes the child to Whoville. The child is free to choose the guide to Whoville. It could be Hannah or Zackery. This fun lesson teaches the child to identify and differentiate a firsthand account and a second hand account of the same event or topic. This has been presented in the most interesting way as mystery stories to keep your child hooked to it. It clarifies the differences in the focus and information provided in the first person and third person narration. Skippy, the squirrel and Blippy, the Bunny are the narrators. Skippy narrates the story in first person and Blippy, in third person. The interesting end to the three stories narrated is sure to make your child happy.

The Literary Devices section deals with words and phrases which have a Greek origin. If your child is to learn the English language as well as read and enjoy Greek Mythology wouldn’t it be a double bonanza? That is exactly what you can expect from this section. Greek mythological stories have been chosen from which words have been added to the English lexicon. Your child not only learns to define the words or phrases of Greek mythological origin, but also learns how to apply them in modern day sentences. Wow!

Coming to the Synonyms, Antonyms and Homographs section of the lessons – your child joins a sailor and collects treasures – not Gold, but the greatest of all treasures – Knowledge! Your child learns the usage of synonyms and antonyms and also Homographs, which are similar sounding words with different meanings. The wealth of knowledge that your child earns through this voyage is immense. For the exercise part just watch out for the clue that appears at the left top part of the questions and advise your child accordingly to choose among antonyms and synonyms. It is with practice that your child will master these.

The Poem, Drama and Prose section comes as the most interesting of all. The lesson teaches the child the difference between the three and also shows what the structure of each has to be like, for instance, the rhyming words in poems. The sample poem used is a very interesting one with a positive message. For Drama, the lesson uses ‘The Happy Prince’, a drama by Oscar Wilde, which most of us must have had as part of the lessons in school, ourselves. How happy we are to teach our children the same lessons that are immortal! As an example for Prose, a write up on the Solar System has been chosen. All the written forms are beautifully supported by animation that, I am sure, will be dear to you and your child.

‘Welcome to the Desert’ is a section on the usage of Pronouns. The setting is Egypt, and Alfred, the Archeologist wants to build pyramids. By choosing the right pronouns your child helps pick one brick for the pyramid! I am sure your child and you will enjoy building the pyramids along with Alfred.

Take the dive into the sea of knowledge, with your child. You are sure to come out with the best of pearls.

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