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Christmas Words

Christmas Words

Here are some typical words, phrases and expressions that are related to Christmas. The very mention of Christmas brings joy, and these words carry the promise of Christmas joy in them.

  • Xmas: abbreviated form of Christmas
  • Christmas Eve: the day before Christmas
  • Christmas Day: December 25th, which is the day when presents are exchanged and feasts are held by all
  • carols: traditional songs sung at Christmas
  • Boxing Day: the day after Christmas Day
  • Advent: The 24 days leading up to Christmas (Dec 1st to 24th)
  • cards: Christmas cards offer greetings like ‘Merry Christmas’.
  • crackers: colourful paper tubes that people pull apart with a loud snap, usually containing a joke, a gift and a paper crown.
  • presents: gifts given on Christmas Day
  • decorations: bright objects put up around a home at Christmas
  • Christmas tree: natural, evergreen trees, or artificial ones, put up in houses around Christmas, often with decorations
  • wreath: a circle of flowers or leaves hung on doors as part of the decorations
  • ornaments: decorations hung on the Christmas tree
  • Christmas lights: light displays put up over the period
  • Christmas pudding: a special fruit and alcohol pudding that is only eaten at Christmas
  • Christmas spirit: the idea of being kind and generous, joining with the general mood of the celebration
  • Christmas cake: a heavy fruit cake normally covered in white icing
  • white Christmas: the concept that there will be snow on Christmas Day
  • tinsel: glittering streamers hung as part of the decorations
  • wrapping paper: colourful and glittery paper used to wrap Christmas gifts, usually adorned with Christmas themes
  • snowman: a figure made from snow, which is a symbol of the time of year
  • fairy lights: Long lines of small electric lights used as decoration
  • season’s greetings: an expression said to share goodwill with others around Christmas time; the season in this case referring to the Christmas period
  • gingerbread: special dough made with ginger
  • mistletoe: a seasonal plant that is hung over doors. According to tradition, people are supposed to kiss if they meet under a piece of mistletoe.
  • egg-nog: an alcoholic egg-based drink taken at Christmas time
  • mince pies: small sweet pies that are filled with mincemeat
  • Santa Claus: (also Father Christmas) the big jolly fat man in a red suit who gives presents to children
  • sleigh: a (usually) wooden cart dragged over snow or ice
  • chimney: a flute going from a fireplace to the roof, to let smoke out of a house and through which Santa normally sneaks in
  • reindeer: deer from the Arctic circle typically associated with Santa Claus (they pull his sleigh)
  • stockings: large red socks hung over the fireplace that are mysteriously filled with presents on the night of Christmas Eve
  • ho ho ho: the distinctive laughter of Santa Claus
  • fireplace: an area in a house for a lit fire, where decorations may be left and stockings hung
  • elves: small magical people who help create presents for Santa to give away
  • North Pole: the legendary cold place in the Arctic Circle where Santa Claus is said to live
  • Nativity scene: the traditional image of Jesus Christ’s birth (in a stable with shepherds, sheep and the kings
  • the Star of Bethlehem: the star that guided the wise men to find Jesus
  • three wise men: the traditional three kings who visited Christ at his birth
  • a manger: the crib Jesus slept in
  • midnight mass: a special religious Christmas ceremony held on Christmas Eve, which usually stretches up to midnight

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