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The Voice of Spring by Mary Howitt – A Delightful Poem for Children

Spring has arrived in Mary Howitt's poem "The Voice of Spring," painting a vivid picture of nature coming to life. The imagery is filled with sounds of buzzing bees, chirping birds, and bleating lambs. The poem invites readers to listen to the symphony of nature as the world awakens from its winter slumber. With a friendly tone, it encourages us to look around at the abundance of flowers in bloom, the bright streams, and the promise of autumn fruits. Howitt's words bring the joy and beauty of spring to life, making it impossible not to smile and appreciate the wonders of the season through her delightful verses.

The Voice of Spring

I am coming, I am coming !
Hark! the honey bee is humming;
See, the lark is soaring high
In the blue and sunny sky,
And the gnats are on the wing
Wheeling round in airy ring.

Listen ! New-born lambs are bleating,
And the cawing rooks are meeting
In the elms a noisy crowd.
All the birds are singing loud,
And the first white butterfly
In the sunshine dances by.

Look around you, look around !
Flowers in all the fields abound,
Every running stream is bright,
All the orchard trees are white,
And each small and waving shoot
Promises sweet autumn fruit.

- Mary Howitt


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