Kids Poems » Day Hymn – Poem for Kids

WHEN morn hath round our pillow shed
Her pure and precious light,
We must not idly keep our bed,
That gave us rest by night.
We must arise our God to praise,
Who kept us while we lay ;
And ask his care through all the ways
He marks for us by day.

When, shining in his noontide power,
We see the golden sun,
We should review each by-gone hour
Of day, for what we've done.
We should aspire our hearts to lift
His glorious height above ;
And from our Maker seek the gift
Of sun-like truth and love.

When falling shades and evening dew
The earth in silence veil,
We should to Him our prayer renew
Whose mercies never fail !
We must in God fold up our hearts
Ere slumber seal our eyes ;
And trust--when sleep at morn departs,
In him to wake and rise.

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