Kids Poems » The Lad With The Loaves And Fishes

“There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves and two small fishes." ST. JOHN, vi : 9.

When by Christ the throng were led
Up the lonely mountain's side,
Where the multitude were fed,
Who the wondrous food supplied ?
Those five loaves and fishes two,
Which for thousands were to do
Who the loaves and fishes brought
Whence the miracle was wrought ?

Wife, nor maid, nor mother then
Might the rural feast prepare ;
Not the young, nor white-haired men
Should provide the timely fare.
But a little Christian boy
For the work did Christ employ,
Pleased, his host of friends among,
To distinguish one so young.

Still doth Jesus love to count
Young disciples, fair and true,
Like the lad upon the mount
Where his early friends he drew.
Every little gift or deed
He can bless, like planted seed,
Or the barley-loaves of old,
To increase a thousand fold.

Though your gift be but a mite
Spared to send his word afar,
It may prove a ray of light
Spread and brightened to a star 1
This the star of morn may be
O'er some land beyond the sea,
Opening up the shining way
Of the peaceful gospel day.

Little friends of Jesus, aim,
While your life is in the flower,
With his spirit, in his name,
To commend his love and power.
Emulate the Hebrew lad,
Who, imparting what he had,
Saw the wonders Christ could do,
And the moral left to you.

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