Kids Poems » Child and Grandma

Child and Grandma is a short poem about the kinship that a small child experiences with his grandmother, and how alien the busy adult world feels to them.

I am a little, little child,
In a big, big world,
Where giants in black boots
Make swift moves.

Monstrous machines,
Making lots of noise,
Carry big people,
Looking smart and supple.

I even spy,
Machines in the sky.
They look like birds,
But have no eyes.

My grandmother and I,
We often sigh,
At the big adult world;
An alien world.

I caress her wrinkled skin;
In her I find my kin;
We are so much alike;
We think so alike.

Our world is slow,
Pretty balloons we blow,
And play peek-a-boo,
And dress up game too.

We smile and hug each other,
Just me and my grandmother,
Please let us stay together,
For ever and ever more.

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