Kids Poems » Little Ellen and Her Broken Basket

As Ellen now Ellen's a sweet little girl,
An infantine, innocent creature ;
With cheeks like the rose-petal, teeth like the pearl,
And lovely in every feature ;
As Ellen one day, all equipped for a walk,
Went forth with the nurse, from her mother ;
And looked like a bud that was broke from its stalk,
And lodged, in its fall, on another.

She had not gone far, when she spied on the green,
A bird, that she thought had just lighted ;
The largest and tamest she ever had seen,
Which seemed neither jealous nor frighted.
And so, from the hand of the nurse getting free,
She bounded off nearer, to watch it.
"O see what a beautiful creature !' said she,
"I guess little Ellen can catch it."

Then, running, she stepped on her frock-hem, and fell,
Or, as sometimes we say, made a blunder :
The bird raised its wings, with a hideous yell,
Which capping the fall, nearly stunned her.

And Ellen, intent upon catching the bird,
Which she did not yet know by its feather,
Came down on her neat little basket, and heard
Its sides crushed, like egg-shells, together !

The name of the bird may not here be of use,
Yet some little querist may ask it;
I therefore will tell you, 'twas chasing a Goose,
That spoiled Ellen's beautiful basket !

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