Kids Poems » Little Friends of Jesus

Young children sang "Hosanna !”
Where Jesus drew the throng ;
The palm-branch was their banner,
And angels taught their song.

Those little prompt believers
In Christ, their Lord and King,
Were of the first receivers
Of joy he came to bring.

And their sweet infant story,
That now so fresh appears.
Has given their Savior glory
These eighteen hundred years.
Whilst they the palm-branch bearing,
When Christ on earth was found,
Bright crowns in Heaven are wearing,
And sing his throne around.

Though there his brightness falleth
On saint and seraphim,
On earth he sweetly calleth
The little ones to him.
He loves the hearts of childhood
Made his by faith and prayer ;
As we, from heath and wild wood
Love flowers for our parterre.

Each gift each word that's spoken
To spread his kingdom here,
He treasures as a token
Of love to him sincere.
And, little sons and daughters
Of happy Christian land,
Know ye, beyond the waters,
What heathen idols stand ?

There heathen children never
The name of Jesus heard !
They have no hope forever,
Unless they learn his word.
If yours be love's confidings
In him, his love proclaim :
Send out the glorious tidings
Of life in Jesus' name.

'Twill, as your signal palmy,
Be witnessed from on high,
And yield an unction balmy
To souls that else would die.
0, send the heavenly manna,
The "bread of life" to them,
That they may sing "Hosanna”
In New Jerusalem.

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