Kids Poems » The Bird Set Free

She opened the cage, and away there flew
A bright little bird, as a short adieu
It hastily whistled, and passed the door ;
And felt that its sorrowful hours were o'er.

An anthem of freedom it seemed to sing ;
To utter its joy for an outspread wing
That now it could sport in the boundless air;
And might go any and every where.

And Anna rejoiced in her bird's delight ;
But her eye was wet, as she marked its flight ;
Till, this was the song that she seemed to hear ;
And, merrily warbled, it dried the tear :-

"I had a mistress, and she was kind
In all but keeping her bird confined.
She ministered food and drink to me ;
But oh ! I was pining for liberty !

" My fluttering bosom she loved to smoothe ;
But the heart within it she could not soothe :
I sickened and longed for the wildwood breeze,
My feathery kindred, and fresh green trees.

" A prisoner here, with a useless wing.
I looked with sorrow on every thing.
I lost my voice, I forgot my song,
And mourned in silence the whole day long.

" But I will go back with a mellower pipe,
And sing, when the cherries are round and ripe ;
On the topmost bough as I lock my feet
To help myself, in my leafy seat.

" My merriest notes shall there be heard
To draw her eye to her franchised bird ;
The burden, then, of my song shall be,
Earth for the wingless; but air for me !"

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