Kids Poems » The Bird’s Home

O, where is thy home, sweet bird
With the song, and bright glossy plume?
"I'll tell thee where I rest,
If thou wilt not rob my nest ;
I built among the sweet apple-bloom !"

But, what's in thy nest, bright bird ?
What's there, in the snug downy cell ?
"If thou wilt not rob the tree ;
Nor go too near, to see
My quiet little home, I will tell."

0, I will not thy trust betray !
The secret I will closely keep.
"I've three tender little things
That have never used their wings !
I left them there, at home, fast asleep."

Then, .why art thou here, my bird,
Away from thy young, helpless brood ?
" To pay thee with a song-
Just to let me pass along,
Nor harm me, as I look for their food."

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