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Ding Dong! Short Poem for Kids

"Ding Dong! Short Poem for Kids" is a whimsical and engaging collection of rhymes designed to captivate young minds with its delightful verses. The playful rhythm of "Ding dong! ding dong! I'll sing you a song" sets the stage for enchanting tales of a little bird, a cunning mouse, and a speckled kitty described with endearing charm. Each verse carries a sense of wonder and innocence that will surely resonate with children, encouraging their imagination to take flight. The simplicity and melodic flow of Eliza Lee Fallen's poetry make it a perfect choice for parents and educators seeking to introduce young ones to the joy of storytelling through enchanting rhymes.

Ding Dong!

Ding dong! ding dong!
I'll sing you a song.
Tis about a little bird.
He sat on a tree,
And he sang to me,
And I never said a word.

Ding dong! ding dong!
I'll sing you a song.
'Tis about a little mouse.
He looked very cunning
As I saw him running
About my father's house.

Ding dong! ding dong!
I'll sing you a song.
'Tis about my little kitty.
She's speckled all over,
And I know you'll love her,
For she is very pretty.

- Eliza Lee Fallen.


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