Kids Poems » Depression

Neither sun nor the moon,
Light up even my noon.
Butterflies on the flowers,
Mere creatures in colours.

The past and the present,
And the future do I resent,
Even kites and the balls;
Even toys and the dolls.

The night and the day,
The same comes my way.
Curled up as crap,
On sleep’s lap.

My mind a waste land,
A desert, just parched sand.
No breeze nor a drop,
Does any angel drop.

Dark has become dark,
Death itself is dead,
For I cannot even die,
Can’t be bothered to try.

Friends and colours,
Books and movies,
Romance and flowers,
Alas! Not for me!

A tunnel deep and dark,
Just bare and stark,
Long do I inhabit,
Alone by habit.

No fireflies,
Nor passing breeze,
Not maidens coy,
Do bring me joy.

Oh my demons!
Out of your clutches,
Will you let me go?
Ever let me go?

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