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When I was near Fritz’s house, I noticed many other tracks in the snow leading to his front door.

I guessed Fritz was having a big Christmas party. It’s strange that I didn’t get an invitation, I thought. But it was Christmas, and Santa was always welcome on a day like that!

Then I knocked.

I could hear little Emily’s footsteps coming to the door.

“Hi, Waldo!” Emily cried as she opened the door. “I’m so happy you could come too. We were expecting you. Please come in.”

Expecting me? Waldo? How did she know it was me? Didn’t I look like Santa Claus?

I didn’t even have the time to try out any of my Ho, Ho, Hos but followed her into the living room.

There were Fritz, Monty, Cornelius, and Harry, sitting on the sofa and having tea. And each one was dressed up as Santa Claus!

“We didn’t want Emily to be disappointed!” Monty explained.

“I know, I know!” I said. “I thought of the same surprise. Merry Christmas to all of you!”

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