Short Stories » The hungry fox who got caught in the tree trunk

The hungry fox who got caught in the tree trunk

Once upon a time, there was a hungry fox that was looking for something to eat. He was very hungry. No matter how hard he tried, the fox could not find food. Finally he went to the edge of the forest and searched there for food. Suddenly he caught sight of a big tree with a hole in it.

Inside the hole was a package. The hungry fox immediately thought that there might be food in it, and became very happy. He jumped into the hole. When he opened the package, he saw slices of bread, meat and fruit in it!

An old woodcutter had placed the food in the tree trunk before he began to cut down trees in the forest. He was going to eat it for his lunch.

The fox happily began to eat. After he finished eating, he felt thirsty and decided to leave the hole and drink some water from a nearby spring. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not get out of the hole. Do you know why? Yes, the fox had eaten so much food that he became too big to fit through the hole!

The fox was very sad and upset. He told himself, “I wish I had thought a little before jumping into the hole.”

Yes children, this is the result of doing something without thinking about it first.

Let us learn English grammar

Can you pick out the adjectives and adverbs used in the story?

Adjectives are words that describe/qualify a noun, and adverbs are words that describe/qualify a verb.

Given below are some words from the story given above. Please write down against each word ‘adjective’ or ‘adverb’ as the case may be.

  • hungry
  • carefully
  • big
  • large
  • juicy
  • happily
  • upset
  • gloomily


  • hungry - adjective
  • carefully - adverb
  • big - adjective
  • large - adjective
  • juicy - adjective
  • happily- adverb
  • upset – adjective
  • gloomily - adverb

More stories with ‘fox’ as the main character

Do you know that the fox is an animal that appears in many popular English stories for children?

One story that immediately comes to mind is the fox that said the grapes are sour, when he could not get them, as they were too high for him to reach.

Another is the famous story of the Gingerbread Man, in which the fox is portrayed as a very cunning animal. The Gingerbread Man, freshly baked, was running away from both humans and animals alike, who wanted to eat him. Finally, a fox, pretending to help him by carrying him on his shoulders across a river, showed his true colors by tossing him into his mouth and swallowing him!

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