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Cool Dinosaur Quiz

Cool dinosaur quiz for kids and adults. Free and printable. Was Tyrannosaurus Rex a bipedal carnivore? Find out and learn more about dinosaurs. Answers are given at bottom of the page.

Cool Dinosaur Quiz

  • Tyrannosaurus rex was a
    a. Bipedal carnivore
    b. Quadrupedal carnivore
    c. Bipedal herbivore
  • The name ‘Ankylosaurus’ means
    a. Tyrant lizard
    b. Stiff lizard
    c. Armoured lizard
  • In which area of the world was Allosaurus found?
    a. North America
    b. South America
    c. Asia
  • The bipedal dinosaur Oviraptor weighed around
    a. 2 tonnes
    b. 200 kilograms
    c. 20 kilograms
  • The length of the dinosaur Baryonyx was around
    a. 20 metres
    b. 10 metres
    c. 25 metres
  • In which period in history did the dinosaur Janenschia live?
    a. Late Cretaceous period
    b. Early Jurassic period
    c. Late Jurassic period
  • The name Apatosaurus means
    a. Super lizard
    b. Tyrant lizard
    c. Deceptive lizard
  • Which of the following dinosaurs had bony plates on its back?
    a. Brachiosaurus
    b. Megalosaurus
    c. Stegosaurus
  • What does the word ‘dinosaur’ literally mean?
    a. Terrible reptile
    b. Terrible bird
    c. Terrible lizard
  • During which period in history did dinosaurs first appear?
    a. Jurassic period
    b. Cretaceous period
    c. Triassic period
  • Birds descended from a type of dinosaurs known as
    a. Theropods
    b. Quadrupeds
    c. Bipedals
  • The first dinosaur to be formally named, in 1824, was the
    a. Tyrannosaurus rex
    b. stegosaurus
    c. Megalosaurus
  • What is the name of the dinosaur in this picture?
    Dinosaur Quiz
    a. Styracosaurus
    b. Velociraptor
    c. Iguanodon
  • Which dinosaur had a crest on its head that formed as a long, curved pipe pointing backwards from the skull?
    a. Parasaurolophus
    b. Diplodocus
    c. Carnotaurus
  • What is another name for Apatosaurus?
    a. Allosaurus
    b. Stegosaurus
    c. Brontosaurus


1. a | 2. b | 3. a | 4. c | 5. b | 6. c | 7. c | 8. c | 9. c | 10. c | 11. a | 12. c | 13. b | 14. a | 15. c

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