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Our awesome animal quiz will test your knowledge as well as your kid’s knowledge on animals. Testing one's learning has always been intriguing and fun for kids. Therefore, it is no surprise that animal quizzes and riddles are so popular among kids. We at kids world fun are positive that you would want your kids to be popular among his mates at school. These quizzes and riddles would give them that edge. Combine this information with the young curious and you have a potent combination. We have added this area to our site to accomplish just that. Enjoy.

  • 1) Every snake is Poisonous:
    A) True
    B) False
  • Animal which has black and large strips:
    A) Giraffe
    B) Zebra
  • Where do camel store water?
    A) Hump
    B) Stomach
  • What is Baby Kangaroo called?
    A) Australia
    B) Cub
  • Does Ostrich Fly?
    A) Yes
    B) No
  • The name of big white bear is?
    A) Polar Bear
    B) Panda
  • Labrador is which type of Animal?
    A) Dog
    B) Cat
  • Where are grasshopper’s ears located?
    A) Knees
    B) Head
  • Type of crocodile biggest in the world:
    A) Saltwater Crocodile
    B) Alligator
  • Which are Two main types of Elephants?
    A) Asian Elephant and African Elephant
    B) Wild Elephant
  • How many heart an Octopus has?
    A) 10
    B) 9
    C) 7
    D) 3
  • Earthworm breathes through?
    A) Ears
    B) Lungs
    C) Skin
    C) Nose
  • A bird that can fly backwards:
    A) Bat
    B) Hummingbird
    C) Crimson Sunbird
    D) Cardinal Bird
  • Animal with a largest brain in the world?
    A) Sperm Whale
    B) Blue Whale
    C) Dolphin
    D) Octopus
  • Animal that eats only eucalyptus?
    A) Koala
    B) Panda
    C) Kangaroo
    D) Greater Glider
  • Age of the lion is determined through:
    A) Nose Colour
    B) Length of the tail
    C) Length of Nails
    D) Hair Colour
  • One Horn Rhino is found in which country?
    A) Africa
    B) Sumatra
    C) Tanzania
    D) India
  • Total stripes on each side of Grey’s zebra have?
    A) 24
    B) 30
    C) 80
    D) 90
  • Animal with no Vocal Chords:
    A) Zebra
    B) Dolphin
    C) Giraffes
    D) Elephant
  • How many legs does an insect carry?
    A) 6
    B) 8
    C) 4
    D) 12
  • Which Cat species has longest canine teeth as compared to body size?
    A) Clouded Leopard
    B) African Lion
    C) Siberian Tiger
    D) Indian Tiger
  • Country which witnesses largest overland migration: A) Australia B) Tanzania C) Africa D) North America Answer: Africa 23) Animal which can see both infrared and ultraviolet light:
    A) Viper Snake
    B) Chameleon
    C) Goldfish
    D) Butterfly
  • Animal with the sharpest hearing ability:
    A) Rat
    B) Moth
    C) Bat
    D) Squirrel
  • Through which part of the body, snake smells?
    A) Skin
    B) Tail
    C) Tongue
    D) Eye

1-B | 2-B | 3-A | 4-A | 5-B | 6-A | 7-A | 8-A | 9-A | 10-A | 11-D | 12-C | 13-B | 14-A | 15-A | 16-A | 17-D | 18-C | 19-C | 20-D | 21-A | 22-C | 23-C | 24-B | 25-C

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