Kids Poems » The Enchanted City

The sunset's hue had faded out,
And soft gray shadows fell about;
All faintly traced the outlines stood,
And, velvet-like, the cool green wood.

His feet were tired, and drearily
He thought of night. All cheerily
A little brook spoke up to him
From 'neath a tree's cool shade and dim,
And by the well-worn path he knew
Some dwelling must be near it too.

The shadows softer, quicker fell,
Then one by one, as by a spell.
The glimmering lights waked here and there
Like stars below; home lights so fair
To those who own such haven blest,
Where waiteth welcome, joy, and rest.

Then, as the traveler nearer drew,
A sweet sound charmed his spirit through,
An evening hymn of gratitude
That cheered his weary solitude.

“I will not venture to their door;
'Tis but a little distance more
Where shines another cheerful light;
There will I seek for rest to-night."
But as he neared the second place
A hymn rose to the throne of grace.

The wanderer paused, then far and near,
Like wind-harps, changeful, sweet, and clear,
Faint strains of music rose and fell
And wrought around his soul a spell.
" Am I a-dream, or lost, or where,
That all the nightfall seems to bear
Music afloat on every hand,
Or have I found a fairy-land ? ' '

Then one belated, answered him:
' ' It is the hour for evening hymn
Through all the land, the call to prayer.
Come, pilgrim, haste, I must be there,
For now each soul with one accord
Returns its praise unto the Lord.”

'Twas but a dream! Oh, were it so,
Our peace would like a river flow!
Happy that time if there might be
Such law of grace and harmony
That at the lamp-light's given hour
Each heart would render to this power
Acknowledgments of blessings won
Throughout the day just past and gone.

Then would His blessing and His care
Make each night calm and each day fair;
Then would their truth to God be known,
And He delight to bless His own.

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