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Christmas is one of the most enjoyable carnivals accompanied by lots of gifts and of course holidays! Christmas means Santa and gifts! What was your best Christmas gift? Are you expecting the best gift?

The Bubu is like you! Do you remember him? He was the hero of the story, ‘ The Hero of the Mountain! ’ If not, read the story here.

It was cold and freezing winter season. Bubu doesn’t like winter much, but was eagerly waiting for Christmas! Yes, indeed he was waiting for a long time for Christmas gift. It was frozen everywhere at night and bubu was seeing the snow fall outside his home from his bedroom. He saw a red balloon falling slowly! He wanted to see what it was! Was it a star? Was it a balloon? Or what it was?

Bubu with his amazing smelling sense he found a huge red sack and guess what, the sack was filled with gifts. Bubu became so happy! Yes, it was Santa’s gift sack fell on the ground when he was travelling over the valley!

Now tell me, what you would do if you found a sack of gifts when you were expecting a gift from Santa?

Bubu realized that Santa wanted to gift all animals for Christmas. He started to visit the animals’ home and he kept the gifts secretly as a special gift from Santa for Christmas.

It was so cold and the wind was blowing so heavily! Bubu couldn’t walk with full energy to find animals and give the gift for Christmas. Heavy snow fall troubled him and he tried hard using his smell sense to find the animals. He was tired and fainted inside the red sack! Slowly, the snow covered him and the red sack and the bag was fully covered with snow! What happened to Bubu? What was his Christmas gift?

The eBook is a colorful and interesting story for kids. It has lots of colors sprayed all over the story! Every part is beautifully illustrated with colors. This eBook is a visual treat for kids. Dark black jungle, white snowfall, red sack, dark blue sky, glittering stars, etc are picturized beautifully!

Finally, the eBook has a beautiful moral for kids. Don’t miss it.

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