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Want to attract kids and make them read without hesitation? You have only one option. Give them something colorful. Feeding something extremely colorful is the best feast for the kids’ eyes! Introducing colorful books helps developing the reading habit. Here is your colorful eBook for kid, The Flying Train.

The Flying Train is a visual treat to the kids as well as elders! Shades of colors and perfect pictures make this eBook beautiful!

Timmy and Nelly were siblings. They slept early with their pet dolls, teddy and Dolly and their pets Kitty and Puppy also slept with them. (You cannot find a better picture, a visual treat)

Suddenly they heard a strange noise and it was nothing but the flying train! The train welcomed them with a beautiful smile and asked them to get in. The flying journey begins.

While the little boy and girl started to weep, the train consoled them that they are heading to a ride in the sky.

The train flew over the clouds, birds and under the clouds and birds, making amusing sounds and smoke. Birds watched the train with the kids and pets with great surprise.

The sky was so cold, but the train flew above and above the clouds. And they saw something very unusual, but extremely attractive. All kids even some crazy adults would love to enjoy it! (read the story to know what it is) They reached the fairyland in the sky and were surprised see the beautiful fairies.

Now, the flying train carried them to the Milky Way where stars and planets revolve! How do you feel when you see the glittering stars in the sky near you? Kids were extremely pleased! And they met the moon! Of course, the moon was so beautiful, waving the kids with a big smile on her face!

All of a sudden, they saw a huge cloud and the train couldn’t change the direction. The kids started to shout and the train hit the cloud! What happened? Nothing, but started raining! Kids were scared that their mom will be watching and they all will be scolded!

Read the rest of the story to enjoy the twist at the end!

This eBook is written by Janaki Sooriyarachchi, who authored many popular stories for kids. Don’t miss reading it; simply watch the colorful illustrations. The pictures speak the story!

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