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Do you know what a Super Cow is? Don’t know? Learn about what is a Super Cow.

This is for those kids who not aware about the super cow! You knew what is a super cow? Learned how to draw it? Excellent! Now go to read adventures of super cow!

Super cow is a typical cow in the day and turns super cow at night! What a cow do?

The cow plays kite in the day. It kicks the football and enjoys playing with the ball!

And when the sun goes down, it turns into a super cow! Super cow fly in the sky! It flies closer to the moon and the stars.

Super cow is actually a super hero. What a typical super hero would do? Any ideas? Don’t you remember any movie or a story book you read about a super hero! This super cow as a super hero at night helps the people.

He turns super hero to help the needy people. He saves the lives of the people! He fights with the thieves and knocks them down. He fights against crime. So, if you wish to see the super hero and ask him any help, he may come to rescue you soon!

This is about the adventures of a super cow. This is a very simple ebook for kids. There are no texts and only images.

The actions of the super cow are simply described. This enables the kids to draw the simple super cow easily.

This is written, rather illustrated by the famous author, Danielle Burckert. The author is known for some famous eBooks for kids featuring the daily activities in an interesting way. He introduces the young learns to learn effortlessly. His eBooks for kids are very simple and revolves around the real lives of the kids.

Enjoy the adventures of the super cow! Now you may also try drawing the super cow doing super activities.

Download / Read Online (25 Pages : 3.85 MB)
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