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Here is the golden saying about the world by the author!

The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms!

So true it is! The universe is made of millions and even infinite number of stories! Stories forms part of life. This is one of the unique stories for children.

The Girl Who Stayed Awake is one of the must to read inspiring stories for kids! The story is about the experiences of a girl who enjoyed colorful and fantasy dreams at night, but wasn’t able to feel the same in her real life!

Lucy Go Lucky is a beautiful girl who had many colorful dreams every night. She dreamt mostly about magical creatures, magical land, fantasy world of fairies, never-seen landscapes, etc. Yes, in her dreams she lived liked an angel in a world of happiness, colors and magic! The trouble begins when the girl tried to chase her dreams in the real life.

She had a dream about an irresponsible and weird rabbit! The rabbit used to carry a red umbrella every time, except when it rains. The rabbit would purposefully leave the umbrella when it rains. She dreamt about a strange snake who wore a hat to prevent himself from biting someone. Is there any snake wearing a hat in real life?

She cried immensely in one morning as she wasn’t able to remember the words of the song for which she danced with birds at night in her dreams.

Lucy Go Lucky also believed that the shadows gain life in the midnight. Every night she had weird and strange dreams filled with magic, fantasy and something that doesn’t exist in the real life.

Since she wasn’t able to remember or recollect her dreams, she decided not to sleep! What happened to her? Read the eBook.

The eBook is narrated in a poetic form and kids may find it too hard to follow and grasp the content. Also, the images appear to be a bit chaotic for kids. This may not be an ideal eBook for kids for self-read. Yet, the message the eBook offer is splendid for kids. Parents can read and explain the eBook for children.

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