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Top 10 Positive Thinking Books

Top 10 Positive Thinking Books that must be on your Buying List

Best positive thinking books

It is said that a good book is comparable to 10 good friends. Positive thinking books can be a real life saver when you are going through an emotional turmoil. People often correlate with the characters they find in a book and try to find answers when the book depicts a common life incident. Often, a positive approach is found in such books that stop the people from getting frustrated with life or commit something bad.

Below is the list of 10 best positive books from renowned authors.

10 best Positive thinking Books

1. The Power of Positive Thinking

Norman Vincent Peale is a very recognized writer who has managed to influence a lot of lives with his immortal creation. Via his book, he has managed to touch millions of people deep down and changed their thoughts. He also managed to make the readers believe in themselves and fulfill their dreams.

He also guided the distressed population out there to realize the purpose of life and seek their dreams. He clearly depicted that it is our hope that keeps us alive and does not let anything to stomp on your hope.

2. Think and Grow Rich

This book is a marvel from Napoleon Hill. The book hit the record when it reached 20 million readers within a small amount of time. The diligent man spent more than 20 years interviewing the most influential 500 personalities. He also studied a lot of personalities vividly in order to conclude the research in the form of his literature that is considered as one of the Best positive thinking books. The research includes Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford.

3. As a Man Thinketh

John Allen is a magician with a pen. He has successfully managed to paint a picture with his mesmerizing words that clearly shows how man is the creator of his own personality with his thoughts. His book is one of the most sought Positive thinking books online which depicts how a man welcomes negativity in his life when he thinks negative all the time. He also depicted that practicing positive thinking literally changes life even for those who are beside you.

4. The Magic

This is a marvel creation from Rhonda Byrne. She also wrote ‘The Power’ and ‘The Secret’ and shot to fame when the world learned about her talent. She depicted that gratitude is the charm everyone needs in their lives. The book will take you to a table-turning journey for 28 days via every chapter and aid you to boost your confidence by practicing gratitude.

5. Psycho Cybernetics

This is one of the most popular Self help books written by Maxwell Malts that is way ahead of its time. He has managed to frame the cognitive behaviours of an individual with cybernetics in order to show how a mind works in cooperation with the body.

6. The Charge

This is the creation of Brendon Burchard which is famous worldwide as it takes the reader on a journey of life to become more passionate. The book helps to accept challenges and embrace changes.

7. The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle totally concentrated on using simplistic language for the better understanding of the readers regarding the daily experiences, their consequences, and self-realization.

8. Getting into the Vortex

Abraham Hicks has established a proper connection between divinity and positive energy in his book. He also insisted on the fact that a small amount of positive energy is physically transformed into what we are. It is a meditation guide with a CD for the users.

9. The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz is the creator of this book. It is one of the Best positive thinking books that have a life-changing effect on the readers due to the use of Toltec Wisdom of the ancient era. The wisdom is imbibed by the natives of Southern Mexico where the writer belongs.

10. Drive

Daniel Pink illustrates in his book that motivation is very important for a positive outlook and it can be derived from anything surrounding you. The writer also suggests that finding who you are will motivate you the most.


If you are looking for a proper illumination about life then this is the list of ultimate positive books you should have.

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