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Most Memorable Photos of 2016

Most Memorable Photos of 2016

Photography is art. The lighting, contrast, and the hues of the different elements in a photograph can be as vivid and lasting as art.

Here is a look at some of the most memorable photos of 2016.

1. The shark and the man

The might of nature at very close quarters with a mere mortal. This diver and a tiger shark was filmed in the Bahamas, and published in National Geographic in June 2016.

2. The ancient and the modern

Solar Impulse 2, the solar-powered monoplane that is on its around-the-world trip. It has 17,000 solar cells and runs on battery-stored power at night.

In this photo, the monoplane and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt are contrasted; the ancient and the modern juxtaposed.

3. Bear traffic

Denali’s 92 mile long Park Road in Alaska is not used to private travelers. It is open to private vehicles only five days each summer. In this photo, published in February 2016 in National Geographic, shows a mother grizzly bear and her cubs cause some heavy traffic on the road.

4. A lonely trip

Scientific research sometimes goes to the extremes to unearth facts and causes. Lance, the Norwegian research vessel aiming to study the changes in sea ice drifted along on a rare voyage from Arctic winter into spring. This photo, published in January 2016 in National Geographic, shows the lonely course of science in the sea of knowledge.

5. Man in Mars

This photo was published in November 2016 National Geographic as part of an article on the high risk race to reach the Red Planet Mars. The photo shows space engineer Pablo de León dressed for Mars, testing a prototype space suit. He is at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where conditions on the red planet are simulated by fine soil and fans.

6. The human face of war

Eritrean refugees crammed into a boat which is capsizing, and some of them swimming to a rescue boat off the coast of Libya. The crisis in Syria is brought to us in stark detail in the photo.

7. A museum to behold

The National Museum of African American History and Culture in September was one of the biggest events in 2016. This stunning and eloquent image was taken by photographer Jahi Chikwendiu.

8. The sprint legend

Australian photographer Cameron Spencer took this photo of Usian Bolt at the golden moment towards the end of his semifinal race. It has caused a meltdown on the internet not just because of the colours and composition, but more because of the nonchalance on the star’s face, as he blows the competition away.

9. Ice or art?

Scientist John Sonntag captured this photo of the massive rift in the Larsen C ice shelf in the Antarctic Peninsula during NASA’s IceBridge mission in November 2016. To an untrained eye, it looks like abstract art.

10. An out-of-the-world living space

Just the absolutely perfect hide out from civilization: the blue serenity and green earthiness blend in this tiny little space which is a dream for any vacationer.

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