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Global Impact of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

The Coronavirus outbreak first reported in Wuhan, Hubei, China has spread rapidly around the world with the World Health Organization (WHO) trying to curb the spread of the disease. China took extreme precautionary measures to curb the outbreak but the province of Wuhan is a well-known educational centre that attracts people from across the globe. Once other nations were made aware of the threat, students were called back from China. However, the disease began spreading at a rapid rate and today the entire world is on a lock-down. WHO has now declared Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 a pandemic. As of 13 March, the number of deaths across the world has already crossed 4984 with more than 1 lakh people infected.

While we know the symptoms and preventive measures taken for the disease, the seriousness of the situation has caused governments to order its private companies to make people work from home. Sporting Events have been called off as a few sporting events like football’s Premier League and Basketball’s NBA have teams with infected members. Even film premieres have been halted. Shopping malls, clubs, movie theatres and musical concerts have all been called off. Since the disease spreads through close contact, no one is ready to take the risk. Here are a few global impacts of the disease:

Tourism sectors have been hit: Italy and other countries in Europe usually see a surge in tourism during these months. The coronavirus outbreak has made the world come to a halt. Famous landmarks in the world like the Roman Colosseum, St. Peter’s Square, Tiananmen Square have been shut down to avoid the congregation of large crowds. Other countries have imposed a strict ban on group activities, gathering of people more than ten and ordered the temporary closure of tourist spots to prevent the disease from spreading. As a result, the revenue of the industry has been hit quite badly, affecting the global economy on a large scale.

Religious pilgrimages stopped: With the ban on gatherings of more than ten people, it has affected pilgrimages. In India, especially in the state of Kerala, this is a season of church and temple festivals. The coronavirus pandemic has caused panic and the government in Kerala has ordered all temple and church festivals that will require crowds of people to be stopped. If such festivals must be held, they should be for ceremony and be done without pomp and splendour. The same is the case around the globe with all religious congregations suspended for the time being.

Travelling has been banned: With the ban on group activities, pilgrimages, tourist spots shutting down, it goes without saying that travelling has also been ceased for the time being. Most countries have stopped issuing visas to countries that are hotspots for coronavirus and no tourists from these countries will be allowed until the threat of the virus passes.

Educational institutes closed: In a lot of countries, students have been asked to stay at home and have been issued work by their schools and universities until the virus is dealt with. In India, the board examinations will be held as per schedule with preventive steps being taken. Classes for other students will be suspended for the month of March, especially in the state of Kerala which has seen a rise in the number of coronavirus cases.

Global stock markets have come crashing downhill: One of the most important impacts of the coronavirus outbreak has been the manner in which global economy has come crashing down around the world. Economic experts are worried that the stock markets which run the economy around the world have seen a steep fall. Business organisations around the world have seen a slump, trade has been affected and we have already mentioned how tourism sector has been affected. It is with great trepidation that organisations like the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations follow the global catastrophe unfurling over the last four months.

The world has come to a standstill following the coronavirus outbreak. Economists worry about how the world will be affected once the threat of the virus passes and the world struggles to come to a normalcy. With businesses being affected, trade at a standstill, it is estimated that most developed and developing nations could see a recession-like situation unfold. One hopes that the crisis passes soon and the world can move on from this calamity.

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