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All-Time Classic Books That Are Well-Loved Even Today – Pride And Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is one of the most timeless romantic classic books written by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. This well-loved classic book has received a lot of appreciation and love over the years. It follows Elizabeth Bennet, the stubborn and strong-willed protagonist who learns the repercussions of passing harsh judgments on other people. The book reflected the lifestyle and people of the Regency Era in Great Britain. The book has been constantly appearing in the most-loved classic books of all time and is popular with literary scholars who have praised its characterization of central characters. It has inspired a number reprints, sequels, movie and television adaptations as well. The characters of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy have been widely appreciated and loved by readers over the years.

Classic books loved by all

Mr. Bennet of Longbourn Estate has five daughters but as his property is entailed, it can only be passed to a male heir. His wife lacks an inheritance so his family could become destitute upon his death. Thus, it is important that one of his girls marry well so that the other daughters can be supported. This is a major motivation that drives the plot of this classic book. On the insistence of his wife, he visits the home of Mr. Bingley, a wealthy new bachelor at Netherfield, the latter’s home. The visit is followed by an invitation to a ball at the local assembly rooms that the entire neighborhood will attend. At the ball, Mr. Bingley’s friendly and charming manners make him popular. Bingley is attracted to the Bennet’s eldest daughter, Jane while his friend Mr. Darcy, though of repute and more wealth comes off as haughty and arrogant. His rude behavior to the Bennet’s second daughter, the protagonist of the book, Elizabeth is met with equal disdain by her. Jane is invited to Netherfield by Caroline, Bingley’s sister. During her stay there, Jane is visited by Elizabeth and she inadvertently catches the attention of Mr. Darcy Sadly, his attraction towards Jane is met with jealousy by Caroline who wants to marry him. Elizabeth and her family also meet a charming army officer called George Wickham who is attracted to Elizabeth. He states that he was connected to the Darcy family and was deprived of a job by Mr. Darcy. This further leads to Elizabeth’s dislike of Mr. Darcy.

After a ball at Netherfield, the Bingleys leave with no plans to return. Jane visits her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner in London, heartbroken over not receiving a proposal from Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth visits her friend, Charlotte in Kent where she is invited to the home of Lady Catherine de Bourgh who wants her daughter to marry Mr. Darcy. She learns from a friend of Mr. Darcy that he had prevented an engagement between Jane and Mr. Bingley. This information further leads to her ill-feelings towards him and she rejects his proposal towards her. A few months later, Elizabeth accompanies the Gardiners on a tour where they visit Mr. Darcy’s home in his absence. There Elizabeth learns that despite rumors of his ill manners, Mr. Darcy is in fact a kind young man who is loved by everyone around him. Mr. Darcy returns, and he is gentle towards his guests. There she receives the news that her sister has run off with George Wickham.

After a few days, Wickham decides to marry Lydia and her sister informs Elizabeth that Mr. Darcy was there for her wedding. Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy return to Netherfield. Bingley proposes to Jane who accepts. Lady Catherine, having received the information that Mr. Darcy intends to marry Elizabeth visits her. She demands a promise from Elizabeth that will never accept the proposal. Elizabeth is outraged at the audacity of the lady and refuses to do as Lady Catherine demands. The outraged Lady Catherine relays the news to Mr. Darcy who is joyous to learn that his feelings are reciprocated. He proposes to her once again and this time she accepts his proposal.

Classic books one can never forget

‘Pride and Prejudice’ has become one of the most loved classic books of our time. It has inspired a number of television and movie interpretations all of which have been successful. This classic book has now got a cult fan following among literary lovers across the world.

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