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The Amazing SiblingsIn this globalized world, having a proficiency in English language will really help in having maximum reach. However, it depends on the communication or the skill of the English language, how well the person is able to express thoughts. English is the common language spoken across the world and is the primary language spoken in the business world. So having a good proficiency right from the early age is essential that will certainly take the individual to a whole new level. You may not have got a chance to learn crisp English in your childhood, then why not let your kids learn? There are many ways used to teach them, but the most effective way is through English language quiz questions that allow kids to creatively involve in learning.

Training English language skills for kids’ right from their school age can help them to understand different aspects of the language. Glossaries, comprehension and other methods used to make the English teaching process easy. English language quiz questions related to grammar helps in testing child's proficiency towards the language. Language quiz questions mentioned in this site allows kids to increase their English speaking and grammar skills. This quiz in English language with answers created to induce interest among kids to learn more. The quiz page covers different methods of English language, especially for kids. Below English language quiz questions will challenge the kids on adjectives, nouns, homophones and spelling.

So kids, get ready to dwell into the world of grammar with English language quiz that will create strength in you for better communication.

  • Let’s start with Idiom:
    1) Hands on a Platter:

    A) Hand holding the Plate
    B) The Hand is like a Plate
    C) To Obtain something easily without any effort
    D) Hand and Plate go together
    Answer: To Obtain something easily without any effort

    2) Wash your Hands of:
    A) To Rub your Hands
    B) To abandon something you were doing midway
    C) Washing hands
    D) To Rinse your hands
    Answer: To abandon something you were doing midway

    3) Hand in Glove
    A) To work in close association for a bad cause
    B) Removing the glove from the hand
    C) Stuffing the hand in the glove
    D) To hand over the glove
    Answer: To work in close association for a bad cause

    4) To Have your Hands Full:
    A) To have a lot of work
    B) To be able to flui.
    C) Filling up your pockets
    D) To clean your hands
    Answer: To have a lot of work

    5) Like the Back of One's Hand
    A) To place the hands one behind the other
    B) To like somebody's hands
    C) To know something very well
    D) To tie the hands behind the back
    Answer: To know something very well

    6) To Have the Upper Hand:
    A) To lift your hand
    B) To have an advantage
    C) To shake someone's hand
    D) To clasp hands
    Answer: To have an advantage

    Fill in the Suitable Words:
    1) William Shakespeare was credited with many famous plays. William Shakespeare was a famous ____________?

    A) Playwright
    B) Playwriter
    c) Writer
    D) Story Writer
    Answer: Playwright

    2) The flight was not delayed. The plane took off on ____________?
    A) Time
    B) Early
    C) Before Time
    D) Schedule
    Answer: Time

    3)There are no candies in the jar. The candy jar is __________?
    A) Empty
    B) Candy less
    C) Nil
    D) Vacant
    Answer: Time

    4) It is good to be on Time. It is always good to follow _____________?
    A) Time
    B) Punctuality
    C) Schedule
    D) Timely Schedule
    Answer: Punctuality

    5) The signpost was unable to be seen in the fog. The signpost was not _______ in the fog.
    A) Visible
    B) Noticeable
    C) On Display
    D) Recognizable
    Answer: Visible

    Finding Metaphor:
    1) Broken Heart is associated with:

    A) Heart breaks into two
    B) Heart stops functioning
    C) Split in the heart
    D) To feel hurt and sad
    Answer: To feel hurt and sad

    2) Cheerful Personality
    A) Bubbly
    B) Personality is like Bubbles
    C) Caustic
    D) Spirited
    Answer: Bubbly

    3) An Uphill Struggle
    A) Finding Hard for ends meet
    B) Hard to climb a hill
    C) Struggle to reach the top of Hill
    D) Steep Hill
    Answer: Finding hard for ends meet

    4) The Apple of my Eye
    A) Beloved and close to the heart
    B) Can see an Apple
    C) Apple Hits the Eye
    D) Apple Blocks the View
    Answer: Beloved and close to the heart

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