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Proficiency in the English language is as much an important part of our education system as that in any other subject. How well a person is able to express his/ her thought depends solely on his language skills. English is the common language across the country. As it is an important factor that enhances the employability of an individual in our country or even abroad, it is almost unthinkable for a child to grow not knowing the language in and out. Every child, as part of the preparation to face the world has to be equipped in this regard. Undoubtedly, a person who speaks the language well is able to make a good impression on the listener.

As an attempt to help improve the English Language Skills of the child we have included this section to our website which consists of a quiz based on the language. We plan to update questions periodically. It is aimed at making the child enjoy the language, challenge his/ her limits and also acquire mastery over it in the long run. Efforts are on to include all aspects of the language. For instance, basic grammar related questions help test the talent of the child in using the language – the correct word format, sentence format etc. The questions on idioms are aimed at creating that interest in the child that will introduce the aesthetic side of language to him or her. Who knows, it may just bring out the young Shakespeare or Wordsworth in your child. The right use of the different parts of speech will help the child convey his/ her ideas exactly with no room for ambiguity. And what to say of Homonyms!! Similar sounding, but so different in meaning! This is one part where the bravest of brave, the smartest of smart, and the cleverest of clever can come down on their knees. Shouldn’t we ensure that our children don’t falter in this treacherous swamp too?

Fasten your seat belts. The race is on! And……. It is going to be an interesting one at that.

English Language Quiz

  • To indicate the shortest distance between two places you say ‘as the ____ flies.’
    a) pigeon
    b) crow
    c) sparrow
    d) eagle
  • You ‘kill two ____ with one stone’ when you have a single solution for two problems
    a) squirrels
    b) ants
    c) birds
    d) snakes
  • When you haven’t seen someone for a very long time you say you haven’t seen that person for __________ years.
    a) rabbit’s
    b) donkey’s
    c) bat’s
    d) pig’s
  • If you are very busy, you are as busy as a ____.
    a) bat
    b) bee
    c) beaver
    d) butterfly
  • Summer days that are extremely hot are ____ days.
    a) crow
    b) pigeon
    c) cat
    d) dog
  • You know someone is pretending to be sad if they shed ____ tears.
    a) Baby’s
    b) Cat’s
    c) Crocodile’s
    d) Snake’s
  • She has _______ to start her driving lessons.
    a) yet
    b) already
  • When Tarun reached the auditorium they had _________left.
    a) already
    b) yet
  • The company needs someone with ____ knowledge of the Indian market.
    a) good
    b) a good
    c) the good
  • The teacher and students share _______ mutual trust
    a) a deep
    b) deep
    c) deeply
  • The weather has been _________.
    a) a lovely
    b) the lovely
    c) lovely
  • If I won the lottery, I would donate half of it to the poor.
    a) This indicates the present
    b) This indicates the future
  • If I told you a secret, would you keep it to yourself?
    a) The speaker will tell the person the secret
    b) The speaker might tell the person the secret
  • Paromita has no siblings - she is ____ child.
    a) a lonely
    b) an only
    c) only one
  • Can you _____ me?
    a) here
    b) hear
  • How is the _________ in Delhi?
    a) whether
    b) weather


1. b | 2. c | 3. b | 4. c | 5. d | 6. c | 7. b | 8. b | 9. b | 10. a | 11. c | 12. b | 13. b | 14. b | 15. b | 16. b

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