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Our awesome animal quiz will test your knowledge as well as your kid’s knowledge on animals. Testing one's learning has always been intriguing and fun for kids. Therefore, it is no surprise that animal quizzes and riddles are so popular among kids. We at kids world fun are positive that you would want your kids to be popular among his mates at school. These quizzes and riddles would give them that edge. Combine this information with the young curious and you have a potent combination. We have added this area to our site to accomplish just that. Enjoy.

  • Q: Which food is the Giant Panda’s staple or main diet?
    A: The bamboo

    Q: Can butterflies be classified as insects or reptiles?
    A: Insects

    Q: What is the name given for the abnormal fear of spiders?
    A: Arachnophobia

    Q: Can bats be classified as birds or mammals.
    A: Mammals.

    Q: Why do crocodile keep their mouths open while lying on the banks of a river on a hot day?
    A: As crocodiles do not have any sweat glands, the only way to release the heat is through their mouth. Hence, they rest and sleep with their mouth open to release heat.

    Q: How many pairs of wings does a honey bee have?
    A: Two pairs.

    Q: Is the dolphin a fish or a mammal?
    A: A mammal.

    Q: Which continent of the planet are bees not found?
    A: Antartica.

    Q: Which is the biggest of the ‘big cats’ in the planet?
    A: The tiger. It is estimated to weigh over about 300 kilograms or 660 pounds.

    Q: Are cougars are herbivores or carnivores?
    A: They are carnivores.

    Q: On an estimate, how many hours per day, do cats spend sleeping?
    A: An average of about 13 to 14 hours a day.

    Q: Which is the only continent in the world where Giraffes run wild?
    A: Africa

    Q: Which is the fastest land animal in the world?
    A: The cheetah. Its speed on short bursts reaches up to 120 kph or 75 mph.

    Q: What are a collective group of lions called?
    A: A Pride

    Q: Do snakes have slimy or smooth skin?
    A: Snakes have a smooth, cold, soft and a dry skin.

    Q: What is the average life-span of a mice?
    A: Pet mice has an average life span for about 2 years. However, there have been calorie-restricted captive mice who have lived for over 5 years. In the wild, most mice do not live beyond 12 to 18 months.

    Q: Which animal is called a ‘doe’?
    A: A doe is a female deer.

    Q: What are female elephants called?
    A: Cows

    Q: Which animal is the largest primate in the world?
    A: The Gorilla

    Q: Which is the tallest dog in the world?
    A: The tallest dog in the world was a Great Dane named Zeus that stood at 44 inches tall and was 7-foot-4 when he stood on his hind legs.

    Q: Are rabbits born blind?
    A: Yes, they are.

    Q: Is a shark a fish or a mammal?
    A: A fish

    Q: What is the largest land animal in the world?
    A: The elephant - The largest elephant that ever lived, died in Angola in 1956. This elephant weighed about 24,000 pounds or 11,000 kilograms and had a shoulder height of about 3.96 meters or 13 feet.

We constantly update this section with new and contemporary sets of quiz queries sporadically so that we will continue to hold the interest of your kid. Enjoy the above animal quiz and we welcome your comments.

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