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Kids World Fun - A Portal for Kids, Parents and Teachers

Cute Kids with iPadWelcome to the wonderful world of Kids. Kids World Fun, an online portal for kids, teachers and parents brings a great list of interesting activities that span from interactive games to stories, poems, rhymes, crafts, easy math and much more. Listen, read, play and color, Kids World Fun is primarily a kids website where you find a great number of activities and resource that aim learning through fun. Fun at different levels, and you learn. It aims relieve your boredom, fun in the classrooms and at home. Browse, Find and Play. Our website is a growing free kids portal in English with best and latest resources, activities and inspiring stuffs. It’s wholly Fun for Kids, Guide for Parents and Teachers.

Most Popular

Short Stories

Short stories with moral values that teach lifelong lessons, is an excellent resource for fun reading that can be used at each stage of learning process.

Kids Rhymes

When words rhyme, it’s much easier for the kids to remember and learn with fun. Given a great list of classic rhymes here for free!

Kids Poems

This section includes poems apt for different age groups that tell stories, with fun; easier for kids to learn and work on memory skills.


Find free eBooks for kids! Free ebooks online that are fun to read where kids develop a love for reading to carry them through life.

Funny Videos

Watch funny videos! There are a range of short funny video clips for kids with funny movements, music, actions, stories and graphics.

Kids Jokes

Jokes are simply the best for kids for several reasons. Kids jokes not only add interesting twist to the stories, but also help kids in remembering.

Girls Studying - Study Tips

Study Tips

Useful information and successful techiniques and tips for studying children from small standard to high school and college level.

Did you know - Vanilla

Did You Know?

80 percent of vanilla flavored food (of course, the ice cream and essence) we use is made artificially, because natural vanilla beans are very expensive.

Inspirational Quotes

Quotes Of The Day

A torn piece of cloth can be stitched, but you cannot mend a wounded heart with harsh words.

Playing Kids - Health Tips

Health Tips

Simple Health Tips for Kids and Parents – Ideas to help children maintain a healthy and fit. Simple tips to help you raise kids who develop healthy eating habits!

Latest Updates

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