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Short Story Contest 2018 #1 Results

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Short Stories

Short stories with moral values teach lessons for life. They are excellent resources for fun reading as well as character building for children.

Rhymes for Kids

Classic and modern rhymes are great resources for learning the sounds and words of the English language. They are fun to learn and to recite.

Poems for Kids

Poems that tell stories and can be sung along are all-time favourites. This section gives poems suitable for different age groups of children.


Free e-books for kids that are fun to read. A valuable resource for inculcating the love of reading in your children.

Funny Videos for Kids

Watch funny kid-friendly videos! These are a range of short funny video clips for kids, with funny movements, music, actions, stories and graphics.

Jokes for Kids

Kids love jokes! These jokes will tickle their funny bones and help develop a sense of humour in them.

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Study Tips

Useful information, successful techniques and tips for studying for children of all ages up to high school and college level. Read study tips online.

Amazing Facts

Did You Know?

Discover crazy and amazing facts about nature, science, history and much more at Kids World Fun. Heaps of interesting fun facts and figures for all.

inspirational quotes

Quotes For Kids

Inspirational quotes for children and family. A collection of selected motivational quotes from famous authors, newsmakers, and celebrities.

playing kids health tips

Health Tips

Simple Health Tips for Kids and Parents – Ideas to help children be healthy and fit. Simple tips to help you raise kids who develop healthy eating habits!

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Short Story Contest 2018 #1 Results
The session reveals the results of Kids World Fun's International Short Story Contest for School Children 2018 #1 in sub-junior, junior, and senior categories. It discloses the first, second and third prize winners for all the categories.

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