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Welcome to the wonderful world of Kids. Kids World Fun, an online portal for kids, teachers and parents brings a great list of interesting activities that span from interactive games to stories, poems, rhymes, crafts, easy math and much more. Listen, read, play and color, Kids World Fun is primarily a kids website where you find a great number of activities and resource that aim learning through fun. Fun at different levels, and you learn. It aims relieve your boredom, fun in the classrooms and at home. Browse, Find and Play. Our website is a growing free kids portal in English with best and latest resources, activities and inspiring stuffs. It’s wholly Fun for Kids, Guide for Parents and Teachers.

Study Tips

Allow uninterrupted flow while studying
It is very common for the parent to interrupt the reading when the child mispronounces a word. Don’t interrupt the flow of reading. Rather, let the child read it fully and give the corrections later. This helps children to understand their mistake clearly.
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Did You Know?

Hearing Music
Did you know; hearing favourite music not only releases the happy hormones called dopamine, but also aids in boosting overall health and immunity.
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Quotes of the Day

The expensive and precious diamonds are nothing but the mere coal that underwent immense pressure. Undergoing and experiencing all sorts of difficulties make us shine like diamonds.
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Health Tips

Fruity Kids – No fruit is harmful
There are kids who love to eat a limited variety of fruits. For instance, a child may like only bananas or only apples. Or a child may not like berries and guavas! Don’t hesitate if your little one wants to eat only bananas every day. Bananas are good source of...
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Most Popular

Short Stories
Kids World Short Stories

Short stories with moral values that teach lifelong lessons, is an excellent resource for fun reading that can be used at each stage of learning process.

Kids World Poems

Find what is appropriate for your kid! This section includes poems apt for different age groups that tell stories, with fun; easier for kids to learn and work on memory skills.

Kids World e-books

Free ebooks on-line that are fun to read where kids develop a love for reading to carry them through life.

Animated Stories
Kids World Animated Stories

Choose stories that are animated, it comes alive to the kids. Reading and singing with the story is something they’ll all enjoy.

Art and Craft
Kids World Art and Craft

Learn to make everything from finger puppets to pinwheels. This section includes many activities useful for those who are interested in Arts and Crafts.

Online Games
Online Games

Great games to play on-line that include puzzles, numerous popular games, jigsaw games, and a wide assortment of entertaining games.

Funny Pictures
Kids World Funny Pictures

What makes kids laugh more? Funny pictures! There are some hilarious pictures of animals, funny faces, clothing, and jokes to get everyone laughing!

Kids World Rhymes

When words rhyme, it’s much easier for the kids to remember and learn. Given a great list of classic rhymes here for free!

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