Best Elementary Schools in the United States

The United States of America (USA) can boast of some of the best schools that offer elementary education. Some of these are listed below.

Mason Rice Elementary, Massachusetts

The Mason Rice Elementary was set up in corroboration with the state’s efforts to reform and streamline the public education system. The students in MRE, not only manage almost perfect scores in math and reading in all grades but also a large percentage of those passing the school are also scored high enough to be included in the advanced levels. Students particularly excel in Music where group lesson are given to students on Fridays which culminate into group concerts every month.

Little Harbor Elementary School, Portsmouth

Approximately 400 students in grade kindergarten to grade five attend Little Harbor Elementary School. The school boasts of about twenty-three teachers to provide instruction that includes conducting both reading and writing workshops, word study, and regular academic classes based upon Common Core objectives, and the Follow the Child framework. Students of this school demonstrate their work through portfolios, projects, competitions, and artwork displays. They also attend field trips including one to the Living History Museum. Extra activities include a spaghetti supper, Fall Festival, Halloween Parade, a Book Fair, and a Barn Dance for students to participate in and enjoy alongside their regular studies.

Bay Head Elementary, New Jersey

The Bay Head Elementary School is designated by the state as a ‘Reward School’ owing to its superior academic excellence. The Bay Head Elementary is for students in kindergarten up to grade eight. The students in this school have the opportunity to play on several sports teams in basketball, softball, soccer, and tennis. Moreover, they can participate in various clubs such as a garden club, an aviation club, a safety patrol, a magic club, a student council, an art club, a Kid Fit Club, a chess club, and a homework club to name a few.

Frost Elementary School, Frostburg

The Frost Elementary school cab boast of the fourth highest test average in the state in the combined performance of subjects such as Science, Math and Reading in grades three to five. The Parent Teacher Organization of this school partners with Frost to provide students with enrichment activities including pumpkin decorating and a "trunk or treat" event complete with a D.J. The school lays a strong emphasis on community service. For instance, on Veterans Day, local veterans came to the school, read a book to classes and share some of their experiences with the students which is reciprocated by the students in the form of a choir performance. Then, the school celebrated a Kids-Helping-Kids campaign to foster the qualities of gratitude and charity in the students.

Marion Cross School, Norwich

The students in Marion Cross School study the normal academic courses, but also take lessons in other subjects such as French, health, environmental education, technology, P.E., music, art, and library. They even have a website dedicated to the exhibition of their displays to encourage their creative abilities and their talent. The curriculum is designed through LEEEP which stands for Learning about the Environment through Experiential Education Projects Program where vocational subjects especially art is integrated into other subjects in the curriculum. For instance, first graders are taught insect drawings and fifth graders are to do group projects with each group being assigned a national park to depict in their drawings.

Merion Elementary School, Pennsylvania

The Merion Elementary School was founded in 1965 but has undergone major renovation in 2003 giving it a completely new look and feel. Alongside the usual academic studies, the school organises summer camps for young writers and readers. And during the school year, the school district provides a subscription to DreamBox, which allows students to develop skills in STEM subjects both at school and at home. Parents are encouraged to have their children use the program at home and parents are given tips and ideas on how to work with their children in math to make it engage and fun. They are also given multiple opportunities every week to use wireless technology and/or the computer lab. Thus, the emphasis is on building skills related to emerging technologies.

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