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Outstanding Story (Sub-junior) - The Kind Elephant And The Wicked Tiger

“The Kind Elephant And The Wicked Tiger” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by Khadija Aurangzeb-Tariq, UK.

The Kind Elephant And The Wicked Tiger

Once upon a time in a dense forest there lived a tiger that was very cunning. One day he saw a herd of elephants that were going to the other end of the forest and he became curious to know why. Next day he planned for something and came near the herd of elephants. He observed that in the herd, one elephant was quite slow; he could not go as fast as the others. Using this opportunity the tiger went near that elephant. But that elephant was so kind and helpful. The tiger said, “Dear elephant, I don’t have any friends. Can you be my friend?” The elephant said yes.

Another day the tiger expressed his desire to eat sugarcanes from the nearby village. The elephant agreed to take him to the village. But to reach that village they need to cross a large river. After seeing the river, tiger said, “Dear friend since yesterday I have a pain in my leg, so I cannot swim this river.” The innocent elephant said, “Don’t worry my dear friend, you can sit on me, and I will carry you to the other end.” The tiger did as he said. They both started swimming towards the other end, but when they were about to reach the tiger started scratching the elephant’s back with his sharp claws, and finally he killed the elephant. He jumped to the bank and entered the sugarcane farm and ate as much possible and he also killed some cows grazing over there. After sometime he wanted to get back to his forest. He remembered it’s very difficult to cross such a large river. Then he realized his mistake, and felt guilty for killing such an innocent and kind elephant. By that time some villagers noticed the tiger which ate their crop and cows; they beat the tiger till he died.

Moral: Never trust wicked person OR God will always punish the wicked person.

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