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Great Stories for Children – Ruskin Bond

Great Stories for Children – Ruskin Bond

Great Stories for Children, by Ruskin Bond is a collection of fascinating tales, featuring all A – Z aspects, from animals to ghosts. It is a colorful and flavorful collection.


As per the title, the book feature many interesting tales from different facets, which carries readers to indulge in a new world, interesting elements and people. Very simple concepts, featuring everything that loved by children, and interesting story plots, make this book a fascinating read.

These stories are narrated in way like answering a question, finding a solution, etc explained with lots of fun. Giving you a few plots of stories:

Tutu – It was a monkey and always loved troubling the Aunt Ruby. One day, it ran off with an expensive necklace of Aunt Ruby. Was she able to recover the necklace?

Pet Python – A pet python, of course, a huge one appeared in unusual places and causing all the chaos. What happened then?

Naughty Ghost – once lived a naughty ghost that had a strange habit to annoy people whenever it gets bored. So, how it ends?

A lot more fascinating stories are treasured in this book. Humorous way of writing and putting yourself in a strange situation, finding appropriate solutions, etc are lovable.

Totally enjoyable and fun reading!

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