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Learning with Pepper

Learning with Pepper

Pepper is an imaginary character, a little dog. A well-executed themed collection of educational stories for kids have been launched by Sterling Publishers. The collections of stories have been categorized on various elements.

Some of the Pepper collection includes:

Learning good manners with Pepper – stories teaches the importance of good manners

Pepper Learn Good Habits – Stories highlighting the importance of good habits

Pepper go to school – the first day experience at school

Pepper show tantrums – every child trouble and throw tantrums, so is the pepper!

Pepper new pet and much more.

There are many positive elements to Pepper series of educational stories for kids!

  • There are plenty of stories to read for kids, which make their time more interesting and educational.
  • Children may certainly develop an interest towards Pepper, the lovable dog and would love to read all collections, a good thing towards books reading.
  • Each story is narrated in a simple way, easy to understand and even children can read by themselves.
  • Every story comes with a good moral or a message that child can learn and follow.
  • Pictures and colorful pages – gives an interesting read.

Negative elements:

  • A few books are large with more than 100 pages, which may not be suitable for children.
  • It seems like a repetition of morals and values in few stories, although the stories are different.

However, buying Pepper collection is a good value for money as it definitely teaches good morals and values.

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