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‘Spirit of Broo’ is a musical play with words and music written by James Palmer, adapted into book form by Alwin Evanz. It tells the story of how Sydney Downe, a man who represents the typical greedy businessman who would cut down entire forests to build apartments and make millions out of it, changes his mind because of the proactive stance of the animals that lived in the bushes. The leader of the bush-dwelling animals, a kangaroo called Broo, lost her life in the process. It was a worthy sacrifice that led to the bush land being preserved as a wildlife sanctuary.


It was a normal day in the bush land and Broo the kangaroo was happily hopping around. However, Spinny the spider was not so happy. He said that there were rumblings on the ground. Soon, they knew that there were big machines in their bush land, trying to cut down trees. Broo herself saw a man, whom he called a ‘stand up’, surveying the area and talking to himself gleefully about making millions out of the bush land.

The animals knew their habitat was in danger. Broo, Spinny, and Red (another kangaroo) called an animals’ meeting in which it was decided that when the ‘stand up’ came next, they would launch an attack on him. The birds would alert other animals of his arrival, and poop on him; bees would sting him from above; ants would bite his legs; and Spinny the spider would catch him in a web.

They carried out the plan as soon as the birds alerted them to the arrival of the ‘stand up’. The plan was carried out and the man was attacked viciously by the animals. As he was attacked, the man made a call on his mobile phone, calling the machine operators to start their work right then, in the night itself. Broo hopped on the man to kick the phone from him.

When the intruder was down, however, Broo prayed to the spirit of the land to give him the ability to understand animal language. Then the man and the animal began to speak to each other. The man revealed his name as ‘Sydney Downe’ aka Syd. Broo spoke to him about the damage that he was causing them, and the devastation that his greed was leading to. Syd admitted that he had wanted to clear the land to build houses and make money. However, at the end of the conversation, and after realizing the effects of his actions, Syd changed his mind and promised that he would leave the land as it is and let it be a wildlife sanctuary, in return for showing him the way out of the bush land.

However, by that time, the big bulldozers had arrived and started their work. Syd tried to warn the driver but it was too late. Broo got caught under the blade and was killed. Syd and the animals watched in awe as Broo’s body was taken up into the heavens by the spirit of the bush land. It was a worthy sacrifice, as Syd promised that human beings will not interfere with animal life ever again.

Inside this main story, there is a smaller story of a caterpillar feeling inadequate about himself, as he was not able to help the other animals get rid of Syd. The caterpillar was comforted by other animals with the thought that he would soon change into a beautiful butterfly who can help flowers and plants.

‘Spirit of Broo’ will move you to tears, and is capable of changing human hearts through its evocative and direct language. It is a poignant story, beautifully written.

Highly recommended for children and adults alike.

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