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FUNSKOOL Game of Games – Board Game

FUNSKOOL Game of Games

This is a set of 14 different games, comes together, packed as a single game, and named Game of Games!

The game set has 1 set of snooker, 1 Board, 2 dices, 1 club, 1 set of pendulum, 1 set of hoopla, 1 set of spinners, 1 golfing greens, 4 tokens, 1 pack of cards and a rink game buffer.

The game board, hoopla set and spinner set consist of rings and base holder. The pendulum set with base string, a beautiful rotating peg and a pack of cards provides unlimited fun to the children. Children who love to play snookers can have fun with marbles, snooker table and pool! It seems kid don’t get bored easily with this Funskool game of games as they have multiple options to engage themselves fully.

The board game comes with instruction manuals to enable easy playing. Not suitable for children under age of 8 years.

Combination of various interesting games instills skills regarding planning and developing strategy.

A multiple game in one! A perfect gaming set for children to keep them busy all the day during holidays! Also, it makes an ideal gift for children above 8 years.

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