Short Stories » The Worry Men

The Worry Men

There were two funny men living together for a long time. Both of them were very close pals, very stupid and yet they lived happily. Something that annoys other people is that they worry even for very minor issues.

One day, they saw a sign board with these words.

‘If you can do something successfully, there is no reason to worry about doing it!
If you cannot do something, worrying for it will not make it happen!’

The two men decided not to worry for anything.

However, they still did worry that who would then take care of their problems. They decided to appoint a person who could worry for their problems.

After few days, they found a man who survived on temporary jobs. The man asked how much they would like to pay if he worries for them.

The old men discussed and told him that they decided to pay 20 bucks for a week for his job!

The young man said it won’t work! He continued, ‘you pay too little to worry about something for you. How can I worry when I really worry about the little pay?’

The old men discussed again and told they were ready to pay him 150 bucks a week!

The surprised young man, ‘It won’t work again. You pay a huge amount. While I earn a good sum of money, why should I worry?

The old men started to worry now!!!!

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