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There are different types of buttons. Button colors, shapes, sizes and designs vary according to the type of the dress we wear. This eBook is about the desire of a special button and how he ended up in reality.

A beautiful blue button was sold in a sewing store. There were more than hundred varieties of buttons sold in the store. This blue button was so special and brilliant. He always wanted to gain attention from others and stay ahead from the group. It was a hand-made master piece crafted featuring a shining star in the middle. Unlike other buttons which had two small buttonholes, the blue button with the star has hidden holes.

One day a lady customer named Kate requested for a special button and she loved the blue button. She purchased the blue button as the button looked extremely special. As desired by the blue button who wanted to be in the top, the girl Kate sewed the bright blue button on the top and used simple buttons subsequently in her white knitted jacket. The blue button looked special and beautiful. However, things didn’t go well as imagined by the blue button.

Since he was the top button in Kate’s shirt, most of the time, he was concealed by her hair, covered by a scarf worn by Kate or sometimes, Kate would choose to unbutton the top one. During winter it happened almost every day. The blue button ordered all buttons to unbutton as he was not used. The other buttons warned as they used to keep Kate warm during the winter.

Days and months passed. Kate grew older and the jacket wasn’t fit anymore to her. She gave the jacket to her cousin Irene. Irene was different from Kate. Irene is not a soft girl and she often used to argue with others and invite fight. Troubles began and the blue button wasn’t happy with the way Irene behaved! What happened to the button? Did he understand his purpose? Was he able to survive? Read the story and enjoy.

The top button is a different eBook for kids as the book feature a button as a main character. An interesting story narrated in a simple tone.

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