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This is the story of a volcano and a warm hearted boy! The eBook throws light on importance of relationship and sharing love with each other.

Do you know what a volcano is? Good! Here is a volcano that caught cold and fever due to extreme winter. The sickness was cured by a kind boy, but the solution he offered was more than the medicines.

It was a land of volcano. There was hundreds of volcano in different sizes. Sleepy was a small volcano. He was called sleepy because he was so quiet and lonely. Sleepy never found anyone to play with. He spent all his time lonely. Volcanoes used to burst and spread out the lava, the fire which troubles the people, cattle and trees! However, he was very kind and generous. He decided never to hurt anyone by oozing the lava. Years passed by. People realized that Sleepy volcano was so good and never hurt anyone. Slowly they started constructing houses in and around Sleepy volcano.

Sleepy was very happy as he found some people living with him. His happiness lived for a short time. As the season changes, the climate started to affect the volcano. While volcano was enjoying the other seasons, the winter troubled him.

The terrible cold weather troubled not just people but also Sleepy. Sleepy got cold and sniffles. When he sneezed, lava stones in tiny bites emerged from the volcano. When he coughed, it shook the whole land like there was an earthquake.

People were so afraid about the health of the Volcano. They offered him cough syrups, medicines and injections. Syrups were unloaded in trucks, but Sleepy did not recover. The boy who was fond of the volcano found a solution. And his solution helped Sleepy recover from the illness.

The eBook is a must to read! With simple language and beautiful pictures, it will certainly attract the kids. The story is dotted with humor tone. This eBook has an inspiration and important message! Stay kind and show your love and affection to the near and dear ones.

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