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What can you make with water and soil? A mudpack right! This eBook for kids feature a story about two kings, their kingdoms who fought for water and soil.

There were two kings lived in two neighbor kingdoms. They were ONE and OTHER! Yes, you read it right. It was ONE and OTHER. They were rivals for years and decades. Their rivalry began due to a river. A beautiful and fierce river separated the two kingdoms. It was the river that made the kings rivals.

This strong river took away all the trees and branches and the soil from the river bank. Due to rapid flow of water, the sand was sliding. This is just a reality. When the river current flows so rapid, it would took away the obstacles between its ways.

Those two kings misunderstood the nature! They considered the respective opposite kings were stealing the soil. ONE of them felt that the OTHER king was taking away the soil from the land. The OTHER king also felt that the ONE king was doing the same. Thus because of the rivalry, they declared the war.

After strenuous efforts, they created an army and declared war. The warriors from both kingdoms started to fight each other. However, very soon they realized that they should be united, as they suffer from a same cause. They need soil and water! The soldiers befriended each other. They decided to talk to their kings. They created mud packs with soil and water and decided to teach a lesson to the kings.

Narrated in a hilarious way, the tale appears unique from the typical eBooks for kids. Kids may not grasp the content of the pictures as it appears very contemporary. The entire story is very interesting with traces of humor. It is a fun book to read. Don’t miss it kiddies.

Friendship can do wonders, but enmity cannot. Don’t show of your enmity as it is good for nothing. Try to become friends if not, just remain quiet. This is an important message for the growing kids.

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