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We have many legends explaining the beauty of the past! Most of the legends are carried in the form of interesting folklores and fairy tales. Of course, the reality is toasted imagination of the story teller. The Fairy of Mani is a tale of a fairy who was immortal. She was longing for a happy life like a moral human. Was she able to find a soul that was kind to her?

The Fairy of Mani lived in the beach of Porto Cayo, located at Cape Tainaron. She used to roll on the sea shore, spend sometime in the sands of the beach. Summer is her favorite time and you could have noticed her hanging at the beach during summers.

During the colorful autumn, she would move back to her cave to protect herself. She was immortal. Yes, she has no death and she would live forever.

However, Fairy of Mani never wanted to be immortal. All she wanted was kindness and love. She needs someone to take care of her and look after her. She had a desire to give away her immortality in exchange of kindness.

She met a man who visited the beach. The man was surprised to see the fairy on the seashore. They got introduced to each other. Fairy felt that the man was so kind to her and she needed him to stay with her.

The stranger was quite astonished at the beauty of the fairy! Her honey eyes mesmerized the man. The fairy gave him some food. Meanwhile, the man’s family was searching for him.

This is a very short tale of the Fairy of Mani. Although the language will be mildly difficult for younger ones to understand, it makes a great read for the pre-teens aged above 9 years and teens.

The eBook has specified many places of importance. While most of those specifics are not known to the readers, the author has briefed about each place and important element mentioned in the story.

The eBook is just a very simple tale about a fairy who longed eternally for kindness. Stay kind and shower kindness to others. Don’t miss it.

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